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Over 8000 premises have been left without NBN

Telstra claims thousands have been left without the ability to connect to the National Broadband Network.

Telstra has claimed that the company responsible for rolling out the National Broadband Network across Australia is skipping thousands or premises in order to meet strict deadlines.

"Where previously there were small numbers for every wave that could be managed individually, the numbers have increased to multiple thousands of premises per disconnection wave," Telstra said.

"Currently there are approximately 8,000 premises in this category, some of which have been non-serviceable for up to and beyond 36 months," Telstra said.

"Telstra is concerned that, despite these growing numbers, NBN Co is not dedicating sufficient resources to delivering serviceability to these 'left behind' premises, and has not publicly recognised this issue or provided any sort of plan to address the long tail of non-serviceability."

Telstra is required to give a minimum 18 month window for ADSL customers to migrate over to the NBN Network before disconecting the old copper network.

A representative for NBN Co notified nbn-check.com.au that the NBN Network would be completed by the June 30, 2020 deadline.

"While 11.5m homes and businesses are expected to be passed by the NBN network at that point, there will be some complex connections where additional engineering work will be required before they are ready to connect to the network. These premises are typically properties that are difficult to access, culturally significant areas and heritage sites,"

"It's important to remember, the rollout of the NBN network is one of the most complex and ambitious initiatives to be undertaken in Australia."

"This is why it is not unusual for the majority of an area to become NBN ready, while works are being carried out to those remaining premises. This means access is not held back for those areas where construction is complete."

"We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused and thank residents for their patience while these important infrastructure works are carried out."

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4 years ago