Connecting to the NBN is really easy

First use the online NBN check app to determine if you have NBN available at your premises

How to connect to the NBN Network?

Is your home NBN ready?

You can find out instantly online if your home is NBN ready by using the online app

Choose a Provider and select a nbn plan

After using the NBN check app to determine that the NBN network is available at your premises, you can now go to the NBN Plans page to select a provider and order a plan.

Selecting the right speed and data allowance

There are typically 4 main nbn speeds to choose from, nbn12, nbn25, nbn50 and nbn100. It is important to make sure you enjoy the best nbn experience possible that you choose the correct speed and data allowance for your nbn usage requirements

Getting prepared for the big switch

Once you have selected a nbn plan with a nbn provider, depending on the nbn access technology you have available at your premises they will most likely book a date for the nbn technician to come to your home and complete the install procedure.

Start enjoying high speed internet

Once the technician arrives to complete the install procedure you NBN network will now be available for you to start surfing the web.